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The toughest mattress on the market, providing optimal comfort for your horses.

The Pegase LA mattress is the best choice for your horse's hygiene and comfort: bringing together the flexibility and hygiene of rubber for a safe stall. The Pegase LA mattress adapts to all stall dimensions in forming a single piece, making it perfectly waterproof.

Pegase mattress: maximum comfort

Our solutions

The Pegase LA mattress, covered with rubber with the toughest, non-deformable textile frame on the market, is designed with high-quality materials to provide greater durability and impact resistance. As such, its cushioning latex underlay offering a density of 300 kg, is shock absorbent and adapted to the weight of the horses. The surface is more flexible and ensures great sleeping comfort for your horses.

The underlays are wrapped in PVC film to prevent moisture rising. The watertightness of the Pegase LA mattress facilitates its maintenance. This mattress is made-to-measure and will cover any stall flooring, whether for broodmares or within an infirmary. As a result, we guarantee the necessary comfort for your horses' well-being. You'll also save on bedding.

Product benefits
  • Made-to-measure, shock-absorbent floor covering
  • The strongest, non-deformable textile frame on the market: tested by an independent laboratory
  • Savings on bedding
  • Easy maintenance
  • Crawl space possible for surgery room
Technical specifications

Thickness : 40 mm

Length/width: made to measure

comfort and hygiene in box, chose the Pegase mattress - Bioret Cheval

Pegase mattress: maximum comfort guaranteed

  • The most resistant mattress on the market
  • Durability - Great sleeping comfort
  • Optimal hygiene
  • Also available in our Pegase BU version, with butyl underlay offering a density of 650 kg/m3

The active stable

A concept based on the fundamental needs of horses, ensuring their well-being. Horses housed in an active stable enjoy an open-access shelter in the form of a dormitory, equipped with a soft bed and a flexible riding area. The largest dormitory in Europe was built featuring a Pégase LA mattress with a single-piece cover (300 m2) in the Béron stables, near Lille.

Pégase: flexible horse mattress

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