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High-speed ventilation to fight heatstroke.

The Cyclone 360 fan with brushless motor is quiet and economical. It limits heatstroke in your horses, while reducing the presence of flies. The air flows towards the ground and reduces humidity.

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The Cyclone 360 helps limit heatstroke in your horses, while reducing the presence of flies and the spread of epidemics. In poorly ventilated rooms, germs linger in the air and are easily transmitted between animals. With the 52-inch Cyclone 360, air flows to the ground and reduces moisture in bedding.

The Cyclone 360 fan channels air, accelerates it and directs it to produce a fast (0.5 to 1.5 m/s) and efficient flow over a wide range (up to 12 m in diameter). Its brushless, low-consumption motor (2,000 watts at 300 rpm), ensures electricity savings of up to 32% per year. Automatic control according to ambient temperatures.

Product benefits
  • Belt drive for less maintenance.
  • Low noise emission.
  • Automatic start/stop controlled by temperature activated sensor
  • Optional offset controller, 0-10 V setting.
  • Zinc-coated steel frame with fibreglass deflectors
  • Easy roof mounting
Technical specifications

Diameter: 1.62 m

Height: 0.97 m

Air volume: 40,500 m3/h

Speed: 0.5 to 1.5 m/s

Range: 6 m across 360° 12 m in diameter

Energy savings of up to 32%

  • - 360° pulsed airflow destratifies layers of air.
  • Moisture reduction in stables.
  • Improved hoof hygiene.

360° fan suitable for stables.

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